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Our Mission...

   The intention of each of our sober living homes is to offer structure to those needing transitional housing in recovery.  We hope your residence with us will serve as a bridge for each individual in their journey between treatment and independence. Our residents can attend local colleges, attain employment in one of the many local recovery friendly workplaces, as well as volunteer in our community while living a clean and sober life. Each resident is required to find a sponsor and a support group.  This is to aid in learning how to create a sober living network, which we have found through our years of experience is fundamental to growth and change.  It is important to us that the time you spend here is the beginning of a new life, a time to work on tools to recovery, and make lasting friends. We look forward to partnering with you, your friend or family member on this journey of spiritual growth in sobriety. Our safe and supportive environments will guide, as well as assist you while you learn to live life on life’s terms!


Scott & Tami Walcom

Tami's House, Tammy's House, Tammy Walcom, Tami Walcom, Tamis House
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